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Blaine has never played games with his feelings about Kurt. This season, more than ever, he has made it clear that he loves Kurt, will always loves Kurt, wants to spend the rest of his life inventing ways to love Kurt.
— After Elton, “Glee” Recap: Forever Crying






MPs have voted for the bill by 400 to 175

Congrats to the UK!!!!


Yeayyyyy for gay marriage. More fabulous weddings please! :)

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I want to try a different type of giveaway

one where you don’t know what you’re getting

it could be something amazing

like $100 or band merch or posters or something

or it could be just like cute little trinkets or nice smelling soaps

(which are just as amazing if you ask me)

and I’ll make you like a little card or something

reblog by the end of February (are there 28 or 29 days this year IDFK)

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I'm starting to understand why some people think musical theatre is weird

  • This is how I explain shows:
  • Little Shop of Horrors: an alien plant comes alive and starts eating everyone
  • Spring Awakening: German kids have sex and die
  • Rent: a group of friends in New York are poor and have AIDS and die
  • Book Of Mormon: it's making fun of Mormons who go to Africa and try to convert the Ugandans and most of them have AIDS
  • Avenue Q: Sesame Street on crack
  • Chicago: Lets murder people and get away with it because we are attractive!
  • Into The Woods: Aww cute princess storiesOH MY GOD ACT 2!!!!?!
  • West Side Story: omeo and Juliet with gang members.
  • Wicked: Musical fanfiction of fanfiction
  • Phantom of the Opera: Crazy disfigured guy living under a theater breaks into a girl's dressing room at night, teachers her to sing, and then goes all crazy jelous and starts killing people and wrecking the theater when she tries to become independent of him.
  • Thoroughly Modern Millie: Oh lok at them! Linin large and livin it up! Too bad the Great Depression is going to hit in five years or so.
  • Spamalot: CRACK
  • Pippin: King Charlemagne's son has an identity crises so he runs away, runs back, then runs away again.
  • Man of La Mancha: Crazy knight fights a windmill while the other one rides a donkey.
  • Les Miserables: veryone you love dies. The ones who live ar just annoying.
  • Godspell: Hippy Jesus camp
  • Hair: Hippy Jesus camp set during the Vietnam War with much drugs, camping in the park, and burning of draft cards.

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Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum by Tadao Ando


Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum by Tadao Ando

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Why do none of you live near me I just want to go get pizza and talk about glee

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I’m doing an experiment. Reblog if you’ve ever been bullied.

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The next person who says to me that ‘everything happens for a reason' or 'if you don't like something, you can change it. Nothing is permanent' is getting a swift punch to the throat, I kid you not. Shut the fuck up!

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natalia is friends with Figgins. After losing Regionals, they sing I Have Nothing.

Colleen loves Becky. After applying to Yale, they sing Imagine.

Junina is spying on Holly. After cleaning a pool, they sing Cry.

Nico is rivals with Cooper. After running for president, they sing I’ll Remember.

madie hates Mike. After winning Regionals, they sing True Colors.

Katie hates Will. After going to the Gap, they sing For Good.

Vanessa is spying on Jesse. After visiting New York, they sing Red Solo Cup.

Sarah is friends with Carole. After going to Six Flags, they sing Push It.

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In honor of September 1st

this is not okay

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Darren CrissI-really-want-to-run-my-fingers-through-them-curls appreciation post



Blaine/Sue hilarity please.
Only Sane Man with little patience for irresponsible authority figures + the most irresponsible of authority figures can only lead to good things.

Give me ALL the Blaine/Sue interaction!



Blaine/Sue hilarity please.

Only Sane Man with little patience for irresponsible authority figures + the most irresponsible of authority figures can only lead to good things.

Give me ALL the Blaine/Sue interaction!

The UK is OK with me.

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