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I love: Paris, old movies, Audrey Hepburn, Darren Criss, Taylor Swift, pearls, ribbons, lace, musicals, Disney animated films, old fashion courtships (ie, a guy takes the time to woo you!), orchids, lilies, tulips, red roses, snow, walks along the beach at night, fireworks, barbeques, tea parties, photography, catching up with friends, picnics, coffee dates, reading, watching films, Twister, nail varnish, Glee, Phantom of the Opera, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Love Actually, Pride & Prejudice, His Dark Materials, travelling, going to the theatre, mediterranean cuisine, postcards, hand-written letters, old books, new books, any books, my iPod (mini), dresses, skirts, flowers, the ocean, the feeling of sand squished between your toes and the feeling on the sun warming your skin as the wind blows through your hair, flipping through photograph albums, the opportunity to dress up, afternoon tea, scrapbooks, Love Never Dies, chocolate mouse, tea, home-made food, long bubbley baths, jewellery, party poppers, high heels, Wicked, corsets, the 1940s, finding shapes in the clouds, cupcakes, any gift which is homemade, cooking, baking, listening to music, the first flakes of snow, snow-ball fights, water-fights, when people take the time to decorate something, hand-made cards, fields of flowers which you can run through, taking the time with friends to do nothing at all, evening gowns.

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Grab a baseball bat and go insane! She’s updated!
And because go ‘bat——’ doesn’t even cover it.

The Dalton Poster series.

Grab a baseball bat and go insane! She’s updated!

And because go ‘bat——’ doesn’t even cover it.

The Dalton Poster series.

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